Justice was a building block in the founding of our great country.  Justice is also supposed to be an integral part of the American judicial system. It plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for individuals and society as a whole. It can also be a part and parcel of discussion in many american government essay topics

As an attorney with many years of courtroom experience, Justice has always been an important concept to me as I represented clients, prosecuted criminals, and sought to make victims whole. But Justice took on a whole different meaning to me when my father and brother were victims of a double homicide by vehicle and my family was faced with the reality that the person who killed them would not be prosecuted due to political connections.  It was at that point that the pursuit of Justice became personal and very real. 

Until you experience the denial of Justice firsthand, you do not truly understand the impact or importance.  Even attorneys, prosecutors or judges toiling in the court system day to day cannot fathom what Justice – or the lack of Justice - means to victims.

Fortunately for my family, due to legal knowledge and persistence, the person who killed my father and brother was ultimately prosecuted.  We experienced Justice and closure.  But I found myself asking: “How many others had endured such injustice and had never been made whole?”

This great loss changed my perspective, my priorities and my life.  Out of this great tragedy my passion for public service emerged.  I was determined no one else would suffer injustice if it were in my power to prevent it.

So, when you ask me why I walked away from a successful legal career and business to pursue public office first as a District Attorney and now as a candidate for Superior Court, you know it is because of my deep devotion to and strong commitment to Justice.  I not only believe in but also live for “Justice For All..”

As your next Superior Court Judge, I will pledge to follow the Constitution and the rule of law.  Importantly, I will also ensure that the concept of Justice is readily available to all. 

Thank you for viewing my website and considering my candidacy.  You can read more about my experience as a trial and transactional attorney by clicking on the  “about “ tab located at the top of the page. There is also a tab where you will find weekly campain updates. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to volunteer.  Thank you for your support. 



Rebecca Warren